Meet Our Lady Angler Ambassadors!

Meet Our Lady Angler Ambassadors!

Introducing our Lady Angler Ambassadors - women who immerse themselves in the outdoors, love to fish and advocate these things daily. They will be involved with the Lady Angler brand through product feedback, photo shoots, trade shows and more. We are excited to have each and every one of them promoting and representing our brand. Check out their Instagram feed & give them a follow.



Sierra Langbell, Nebraska


Jennifer Ferries, Wisconsin


Brittney Glaze, Georgia


Niki Tilley, North Carolina


Shelby Kirby, Florida

Allie Butler, Kentucky


Sydney Meeks, Alabama/Tennessee


Cara Holland, Arkansas


Lori Lengle, Utah


Anna Dickey, Pennsylvania


Paige Tashik, Florida


Jessica Byers, Texas


Makenzy Smith, Washington

Makenzy's photography website:



Lindsey Divelbiss, Washington



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