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13 Fishing


13 Fishing Kalon C Spinning Reel - 0.5 Size

While performance pumps through this reels veins, it’s versatility is where it really shines. Offering theUltimate Cut Aluminum Drive Gear; to keep even the most rambunctious species pinned up. With apowerhouse performance drag that is like butter, it’s always ready, but that’s only part of the story. Withthe GLIDE Oscillation System, 7 Total Bearings, and Sealed Rotor the only decision that you need tomake is which size.

  • Ultimate Cut Aluminum Drive Gear
  • Performance Drag
  • 7 Total Bearings
  • Rotor Sealed
  • Instant Stop Anti-Reverse
  • GLIDE Oscillation System

Ultra-Slow Machine Cut Precision Gearing
This multi-disk lightweight drag system creates a butter-smooth payout.  The lubricated felt drag washer system focuses on performance but is capable of a very solid max drag for stopping power.  

Ball Bearing supported S-Drive Oscillation System that delivers smooth "gliding" performance.

Underneath the rotor assembly lies the critical pinion bearing and anti-reverse system.  These 2 components are critical to the smooth operation of a spinning reel and are extremely susceptible to water intrusion and debris.  This product includes a custom rubber gasket to protect these important components from environmental damage.

This product has a 7 bearing system.  

The Instant Stop Anti-Reverse is a strong and dependable workhorse. Meticulously produced and tested, you can count on this system to stop fish year after year.