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Douglas Upstream Fly Rod

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If you’re looking for a new freshwater rod that balances strength, performance, and a very light weight, consider adding the Douglas Upstream Fly Rod to your arsenal. The new Upstream range from Douglas Outdoors brings four unique, ultra light fly rods to the river. Each rod is designed to have a minimalist, but high function approach to bush and upcountry fishing environments. The challenge of both close casting and designing a rod that will control your line, fly and catch with authority is a balance that Upstream strikes with ease.

The design of the Douglas Upstream Fly Rod inspires memories of the roots of fly fishing, but it has been designed with high quality modern day materials. The components and construction of the Douglas Upstream Fly Rod are handled with care by experienced designers and builders. This rod is the perfect marriage between old school elegance and modern technology. The Douglas Upstream Fly Rod has the perfect bend to add fun and excitement to your next fishing tip. These ultra light, dynamic rods are designed to be fun to use while also giving the angler full control and feel.

Each of these high modulus blanks are finished with cork cap, ring reel seats and a natural Tonkin Bamboo color way with clear wraps.Hand fitted spigot ferrules insure a seamless transfer of feel and power between sections. A light weight 1 5/8” brushed aluminum rod tube and sock are included with each new rod. Each Douglas Upstream Fly Rod also comes complete with a lifetime warranty so you can be sure that your Douglas Upstream Fly Rod will last as long as you do. The first time you pick up a Douglas Upstream rod, you will want to get on the water and try this new approach to traditional light line angling!

Upstream 3662 6’6” #3 2 $389.00
Upstream 3706 7’0” #3 6 $469.00
Upstream 3734 7’3” #3 4 $389.00
Upstream 3766 7’6” #3 6 $469.00
Upstream 2804 8’0” #2 4 $389.00
Upstream 3806 8’0” #3 6 $469.00
Upstream 3834 8’3” #3 4 $389.00
Upstream 4884 8’8” #4 4 $389.00