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One River Nets


One River Custom Handmade Trout Nets - Sheboygan River No. 6

One River Nets One passion. One purpose. One at a time.

Sheboygan River No. 6:
-Walnut/Maple Hoop and Handle

Handmade landing nets, designed to enhance the time we spend doing the things we love. Made from select hardwoods, many from northern Wisconsin and Michigan. Each utilize a Clear or Black Rubber Bag traditionally lashed with 1/16 Atwood Ropeto eliminate water ingress to the hoops compared to modern day stitching.

Prices vary per piece depending on labor time (between 6 and 10 hours a piece) and complexity.

Measurements: 38 11/16" Length 20.5 x 13.75" Net Opening 11" Bag Depth