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Thomas & Thomas

SURF 11210-4

Thomas & Thomas Exocett Surf Fly Rod

All experienced anglers know that while fishing on the beach may sound fabulous, it can be challenging. Fishing in the surf presents some unique opportunities and challenges for the fly angler, regardless of experience level. Wind and waves make it difficult to handle line and achieve maximum casting distance, and that’s why you need specialized tools for the job. That is also why Thomas & Thomas has built a pair of rods that make it more effective and enjoyable to fly fish in the surf.

Exocett Surf rods are a pair of specialized 11’2” rods intended to cast overhead with two hands, giving you more power and accuracy. The powerful multi modulus Strato Therm blank has a crisp action that excels in casting overweight shooting heads and compact integrated fly lines past the breakers. An elongated full wells upper grip and rounded spey style lower grip makes for a comfortable and powerful overhead casting stroke while throwing Outbound or similar style shooting heads.

If you have a special place in your heart for hiking through freezing cold water, navigating rogue waves, and dealing with coastal currents and riptides, we’ve got just the rod for you. Get ready to abandon the exhausting duck and chuck routine with the Thomas & Thomas Exocett Surf Fly Rod, perfectly designed for the surf. It’s a fast action rod that is ready to battle monster backcasts in the wind and over high sloping sand with fantastic line control, power, and durability. This thing doesn’t just work for the surf, it’s made specially made for the surf. The Thomas & Thomas Exocett Surf Fly Rod will make the most challenging conditions less challenging, making your day on the water more like a picnic on the beach!


  • 4-piece multi-modulus blank with stealth matte “T&T Blue” Low-Friction Finish
  • Choice of ceramic titanium frame or RECoil stripping guides
  • Elongated full wells grip and rounded spey style lower grip
  • Milled aluminum up-locking saltwater reel seat

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