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Yakoda Bushwacker Net Cover

An essential piece of gear if you spend any time covering water off the beaten path, the Bushwhacker keeps your net from snagging and hanging up as you break trail along the bank. The ultra-lightweight, ripstop nylon sleeve packs down to almost nothing and includes a reflective logo that makes you more visible on dark walks back to the car.

Designed, tested, and made in Colorado.


  • Protects your net from snags and ultraviolet light
  • Ultra-light design
  • Reflective safety logo print
14” wide x 20” long
1.7 oz.

Fits the following popular nets:

  • Rising Brookie
  • Fishpond Nomad Hand
  • FIshpond Nomad Mid-Length
  • Fishpond Nomad Guide
  • All Brodin Phantom series
  • All Brodin Paragon series
  • All Brodin S2 series
15” wide x 25” long
2.0 oz.

Fits the following popular nets:

  • Rising Lunker
  • Fishpond Nomad El Jefe
  • FIshpond El Jefe Grande
  • Brodin Pere Marquette Guide